Hello everyone interested in fiber broadband in the Gunnarp-Fegen area.

We have now seriously started our efforts to build a fiber broadband network in the area. Last spring, we did a survey in order to estimate the interest for the projekt. It turned out to be big. Therefore we held an extraordinary general meeting in Gunnarps Bygdegård in August. There, we decided to join Fegens fiber förening and rename it to Gunnarp-Fegens Fiber Ek. förening.


(was elected at the meeting):

Maria Gunnarsson     Chairman.
Lars Josefsson           Vice Chairman.
Irene Andersson         Secretary
Agne Rapalaviciute    Cashier
Rolf Bengtsson

Eva Arvidsson
Bernt Johansson
Stefan Selenbrink     Substitute
Jens Christiansen     Substitute


The board is now working with quotes, applications and more. In order to write good applications and calculate costs, we need many members.

To become a member, please pay 200 SEK to BG 338-9988.
(100 as foundation payment and 100 in annual member fee). As a member, you can vote, support and influence the club (förening). Membership is not mandatory for fiber connectivity. The actual connection will take place after a written agreement is signed and the estimated costs are reported.

Upon paying, please provide us with the following information:

Name, address, phone number, email address and property description.
One property owner per connection.
This information is also possible to communicate via email to gunnarp.fegen.fiber@gmail.com or via a membership form to Agne Rapalaviciute, Tokalynga 123, 31151 Ätran.

We hope you will join the fiber broadband förening and ask you to pay the membership fee as soon as possible, as this will help us in our work.

For more information please feel free to contact:

Maria - Phone: 60580, Email:  mia.per@bredband.net or
Eva -  Phone: 60030, Email: eva-arvidsson@bredband.net or anyone else in the board.

Greetings from the Board Gunnarp-Fegen Fiber Ek. förening

Kolla innan du gräver!

Att gräva av en fiberkabel kan bli väldigt kostsamt. Kostnaden debiteras den som grävt av kabeln, detta är inget som fiberföreningen står för. Så, innan ni börjar gräva, besök Ledningskollen som hjälper er att markera ut var kabeln går någonstans.
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C/O Bengtsson
311 52 Fegen